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  9FA Colorado Mills Challenge

The designer of this parking lot has to be a race fan! There's no other explanation.

Colorado Mills is a shopping center in Lakewood, Colorado, very near to where zzzyzygy lives. It is the inspiration for a set of TrackMania stadium challenges. They include six different routes through the parking lot shown above. Each is driven in both directions, for a total of twelve challenges.

They are not difficult challenges (once you get good at spotting the direction signs) and are primarily just open road, but they do have a rather unique race cam. It's in the driver's helmet. You can even see visor glare as your head bobs around. The replay camera view is instantly recognizable by any F1 junky.

The Colorado Mills Challenge is an organized event where all 12 challenges are raced consecutively. The races are in laps mode with 4 laps per race and 2 warm up laps. That's a total of 72 laps - 48 racing and 24 practice. It's kind of like a 72-lap race, but the track changes after every sixth lap. The event takes about two hours to complete, and there are 12 chances to win instead of just one. To learn more visit the 900 Foot Alien forums.

These challenges are not in the normal rotation on the 900FootAlien TrackMania Nations server, but a server administrator can make them available at any time. To practice driving these challenges, you can download the set of 12 replays. (Use Save As or Save Target As)

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