zzzyzygy says...
DONT PANIC no matter how fast you are going
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A rare moment when zzzyzygy is in front of the pack :D
The topics on this page have commentary and DivX replay videos for challenges designed by 9FA'ers on the 900FootAlien TrackMania Nations server. At the bottom of each page you can also view the Dedimania records, and download a TrackMania replay of each challenge for practice. (Red and F1 Series challenges are available now. Blue and green challenges coming soon.)

The server supports 28 players. When no admin is present, all stadium challenges are 5 minutes long in time attack mode. The challenges are launched in random order. There are full-throttle, high-speed, twitchy, dirt and mixed-surface challenges. There are challenges created by many designers. This gives players a good variety of challenges.

When a server admin is present, they can quickly switch between match settings. Don't hesitate to ask if you would like to switch. Available settings are:

  • time_attack: all challenges.
  • rounds: most challenges in rounds mode, motoGP to 76 points, multi-laps are all 2 laps long, 1 practice round, a few very difficult challenges and challenges that have reset checkpoints from which it is impossible to finish have been excluded.
  • green: easy challenges.
  • blue: moderately difficult challenges.
  • red: very difficult challenges.
  • high_speed: challenges with significant amounts of high-speed driving.
  • air: challenges where big jumps are a major factor.
  • road: challenges that have a road surface only.
  • dirt: challenges where any portion is dirt.
  • multi_lap: multi-lap challenges only.
  • F1: Challenges that are inspired by real world Formula 1 tracks in rounds mode, motoGP to 76 points, multi-laps are all 2 laps long, 1 practice round.
  • Colorado Mills Challenges: Twelve races in laps mode around the parking lot of the Colorado Mills shopping center. All are 4 laps long with 2 practice laps.
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