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Welcome to zzzyzygy's website! First, let's get the pronounciation thing out of the way. That's zi-zi-jee. It's way easier to say than it is to type.

But what does it mean? I'm an old gamer (and the arthritis is setting in). I was an impatient youngster back in the day when pinball ruled and the only places with video games were arcades and bars. I just wanted to play again and had no time for logging scores. With just three slaps of a button or lever I was back in business. I was zzz for 25 years.

Eventually 1PS games came of age and I needed a new handle. A syzygy is an astronomical alignment - like the sun, moon and earth during a solar eclipse. Or in this case - me, the bullet and you... thus zzzyzygy was born.

I like many games, but for now this website will be dedicated to TrackMania Nations and EVE Online. I will probably add topics for more games in the future. Have fun! I hope to see you on the track or in the depths of space some day.

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